Friday, April 12, 2013

Using Padlet to Connect with Parents

     I have discovered and fell in love with using Padlet in my classroom!  Again, this was something that I saw at TCEA in Austin and just considered it another way to integrate technology into my classroom.  I started using it for formative assessment during independent reading time so I could quickly assess all student work in one place, (although it did not work out as beautifully as I would have liked on the students' Samsung tablets).  We then used it as a place for students to post questions they had for Mark Wood when he called us via Skype. 

     My latest idea for using Padlet, was to use it to post some reading tips for parents to help their children while reading at home.  I posted the link on my class website and in my newsletter (Padlet link above), both of which are accessible to parents and students through Edmodo also.  The idea to use Padlet for parents really appealed to me, because I encouraged them to post their questions and I would answer their questions so that it could all be accessible to everyone in one place.  Parents could utilize the site to read other parents' questions as well as my responses to those questions.  No questions posted yet, but some of my students did come in telling me that their parents looked at and read the post.  : ) At least it's a start! 


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