Friday, April 26, 2013

Idiom Presentation Products

In an earlier post, I described how my students thrived in the classroom when I gave them choice and some freedom on a project.  In this post, I wanted to share the actual work that they did.  They were very proud of their work and did great on the presentation part of it! 

I used this planning sheet to help them to plan their project and then they selected the format in which they would present it:  Prezi, video, or Picsay.  Those were all the  parameters I set for them. They did the rest...

Tonight I read a tweet on Twitter that said "If you assign a project and get back 30 of the exact same thing, that's not a project, that's a recipe."

I was very impressed that each of my students' projects was unique from the other.

Their job was to find and research new idioms, adages, and proverbs that we had not already discussed as a class and teach them through a presentation to the class.  They used their Samsung Tablets to google and used websites and other sources for their information.  They had to give the meaning of the saying, use it in a sentence, and provide some sort of illustration or picture.

When it was time to present, on the Activboard I had a QR code that the kids scanned that linked them to a GoogleDoc they used to sign up for a day and time that they would present. 

The majority of my students threw their all into this project and the final products really show that!

I know that this project was effective, because I witnessed real learning happen!  Since they did the research and presentations, I have heard my students using these sayings when they speak!  Also, during our read aloud, (which is a higher level read) my students love to point out when I have read an idiom! 

Because they are able to generalize the knowledge and apply it to a real world situation, I know that they have retained the content on a deeper level.

Check out their amazing work...

(click on links to view student created Prezis!)

 Picsay (Samsung App)


(I was literally dying laughing when two of my boys showed this during their presentation and I just HAD to share it!)

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